VIP Garage Door USA, VIP commercial doors are built to last. They are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and design option.

Sophisticated engineering and state –of the –art manufacturing provide the basis for durable, reliable and long lasting quality products.


VIP Garage Door USA, we have established ourselves as among the global leaders in manufacturing high quality overhead doors for commercial use, investing the same innovative technology as we do on our residential.



The H-225P and H-224P commercial overhead doors are both 2” thick, manufactured whit either 25  (0.019” min) or 24 gauge (0.022” min) hot dipped galvanized steel. Both models come with the FingerGuard™ pinch resistant section joints which prevent fingers from becoming caught between door section, the door panels on the H-225P and H-224P are manufactured to offer the maximum protection against effects from weather and others elements to provide you with a long lasting surface finish and reduced maintenance cost.

H-325S / H-324S

The H-325S and H-324S thermal insulated commercial overhead doors also have 2” thick panels, with either 25 (0.019” min) or 24 gauge (0.022” min) hot-dipped galvanized steel sandwiching a HCFC-free polystyrene core. As with the H-225P/H-224P models, you can choose between three different panel designs and textures: microgroove, flush or traditional raised panel. To provide long service life, these models come with unique precision hinges with solid pivoting shaft. This will help minimize wear on moving parts.


For unparalleled durability, the H-425U commercial door offers 1¾” thick two sided steel sections insulated by a 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam core with an exceptional R-Value of 16.1. For added energy savings, the bottom weather seal keeps out rain, wind, debris and other elements.


The H-720A offers maximum visibility and natural to any building with 1¾” thick high quality anodized aluminum glazing frames that can be fitted to wide range of glazing and panel material options. The FingerGuard™ pinch resistant section joints and between section & glazing seals add value and safety.


Just like the business sign that hangs above your building, your commercial overhead door is responsible for creating those first great impressions of your business to the world outside. Even when your business is closed, those driving past will gauge how professional your business is simply by its outward appearance.

More than any other architectural component of your commercial premises, the design and appearance of your commercial door makes your business stand out like nothing else. It creates that all-important first impression in a potential new customer’s mind, and may help them decide whether they give the job to you or drive down the road to your closest competitor.

VIP Garage Door USA keeps this in mind with every door we sell, which is why we offer our doors, commercial and residential, in a wide range of panel designs, surface finishes, and glazing options.

We also appreciate that sometimes white is not the only color out there, so most commercial overhead door models are also offered in colors of sandstone, brown, or industrial gray. This allows your commercial premises to blend in with its surroundings, further helping to attract new customers. The H-425U and H-720A models even give you 28 semi-custom colors to choose from if white is not quite right for your needs.


It is in the construction of a VIP Garage Door USA commercial overhead door where you will discover true quality born of engineering excellence. We are so confident about the durability of our commercial doors; they all come supplied with a limited ten-year warranty on sections.

VIP Garage Door USA steel commercial door panels are manufactured using only commercial grade 25 or 24-gauge steel. Their deep tongue and groove section joints, backed up by fully boxed ends and the addition of center stiles, offers amazing strength. VIP Garage Door USA innovative designs ensure a structural integrity that is second to none. In addition, their unique FingerGuard™ feature prevents fingers from becoming pinched between door sections.

There is no skimping on the surface finish either. The door panel’s steel substrate is hot-dipped galvanized on both sides, and two coats of a tough polyester paint are baked onto the front and back of the completed door panel, giving excellent corrosion resistance from the elements for many years, reducing maintenance costs.

Commercial doors manufactured by  VIP Garage Door USA last extremely long because they are engineered for unmatched quality and performance. It is this adherence to quality, mirrored in our customers’ needs, that has taken VIP Garage Door USA from its family business origins to being one of the established global leaders in the commercial door market.


As the business owner, no one is more aware than you of your operating costs. Heating your garage or workshop costs money you do not want to be losing. Nor do you want your employees complaining that they are too cold to work effectively. Also, certain goods need to be stored at warm, dry temperatures.

Fortunately, we have been aware of our customer´s need to reduce energy costs for generations. That is why we design our commercial overhead doors for optimum energy efficiency, keeping our customer´s power bills down while at the same time helping to protect the environment.

First, all of VIP Garage Door USA commercial door models are with weather seal along the bottom edge that keeps out the wind and rain, giving excellent corrosion resistance. Water access can cause condensation, in time not only leading to corrosion of your door but also possible spoilage, through the agents of mold and rust, of any goods stored in your building.

Secondly, the H -325P / H -224P models are manufactured with a high quality , HCFC-free polystyrene core.

The insulation is also available as an option for the H-225P/224P models. For the ultimate energy efficiency, the H-425U is rated at R-value of 16.1 by utilizing 100% CFC free polyurethane foam core injected between the steel sections, giving unparalleled energy saving coupled with optimum heat and noice insulation.


Once you have decided a VIP Garage Door USA commercial door is for you, where do you go to buy one? Well, the ordering process could not be easier. At VIP Garage Door USA, all ready to serve.

Simply visit the VIP Garage Door USA home page and enter you zip code in the locator form, Detail of your nearest will be displayed. To receive more information on our doors, commercial or residential you can also fill out online form or contact us by phone: 1(516)636-5655/ 1(917)945-2782.

Our dealer partners will help you choose the best commercial door for you needs. Once your order is placed, your door will be manufactured precisely to your specifications and delivered to your premises ready to install.

Ordering a commercial overhead door from , VIP Garage Door USA is straightforward and convenient, leaving you to continue on with the real work of running your business.