Superior Insulation – Unrivaled

VIP Garage Door USA 440U & 450U are available in two section thicknesses; the 440U doors at 1½” with an R-Value of 15.7 and 450U at 2” with an R-Value of 18.4. Both door series offers two sided steel sections and 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam core insulation for maximum protection against the elements.  Manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry, all 440U and 450U doors come with proven tongue and groove section joints.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Highly energy-efficient polyurethane foam core
Environmentally friendly high density polyurethane foam core featuring a proprietary, far superior polyurethane blend injected between galvanized steel sheets front and back. This provides maximum insulation for substantial energy savings and ultimate panel stability for extremely quiet door operation.

Special Features


 440U and 450U doors utilize safety fixtures on their bottom sections for added safety for your peace of mind.

Quality in Every Layer

The structural integrity of each section is enhanced inside and out to offer maximum protection against the elements to provide you with a long lasting surface finish and reduced maintenance cost. The bonding adhesive is applied  to the galvanized coated steel substrate, followed by a durable primer coating. The thick insulating core of high-grade CFC-free polyurethane rigid foam is injected evenly in a continuous computer-controlled process.

Engineering Excellence

Double end stile design adds to the door’s overall structural integrity and its long term performance.

Note: Double end stile is available as an upgrade for all door sizes, but standard for doors over 16’2” wide.

440U/450U Construction

Precisely designed thermally broken tongue and groove section joints reduce air infiltration and creates weather-tight seal.

Environmentally friendly polyurethane foam core is enclosed by galvanized steel on the inside and outside. This provides maximum insulation for substantial energy savings and ultimate panel stability for luxuriously quiet door operation.

Galvanized finished painted steel provides superior corrosion resistance for years of trouble-free performance.

The bottom weather seal keeps out wind, rain, debris and other elements for added energy savings.


Section Thickness1½ in.2 in.
R – Value15.718.4
Polyurethane Core InsulationStandardStandard
Panel Design
External Textures
Available Color
Metallic Silver (9006)OptionalOptional
Galaxy Paint SystemOptionalOptional
Window Options
24″ X 6″OptionalOptional
24″ X 12″OptionalOptional
Sections10 years10 years
Hardware1 year1 year
440U/450U Options

Window Design Options

Window 24″ X 6″

Window 24″ X12″

Insulated glass is standard on all doors.

Note: All window sizes listed designate entire window fixture including the frame.

Aluminum Full View Windows
Clear anodized aluminum frame with clear single pane tempered glass is standard.  The number of windows available depends on door width. Each section is equipped with pre-punched painted end caps, aluminum glass retainers, and the same between section seal as the steel sections.

Panel Design Options


Surface Finish Options


Regardless of the color you choose, all of our surface finishes provide a durable baked-on polyester finish coat offering a long-lasting, attractive appeal.

Color Options




Metallic Silver (Optional)